• 2022 Virtual Conference: April 7, 2022 - Embrace Your Turning Point

  • 2022 Virtual Spring Conference

    Join PAEOP and your education office colleagues as we continue our tradition of fantastic professional development! Register now for the PAEOP 2022 Virtual Spring Conference and experience innovative sessions from a range of seasoned presenters. This year promises to jump-start your skill-building, together. Whether you join in on the live sessions, or plan to watch at your convenience in the coming month, we promise an expansion of your skills to build your capacity in these challenging times. Join us, and Embrace Your Turning Point!

  • 2022 Theme: Embrace Your Turning Point

    In the wake of a global pandemic, your education office has no doubt changed in innumerable ways – some things just for now, and some things forever. How will you respond, pivot, learn and leap in 2021? How can we embrace change, make the best of our resources, and stay positive? Your 2021 conference will be full of learning opportunities to expand your professional and technology skills, as well as your social and emotional capacity to thrive in these challenging times. More than anything, the PAEOP network is here for you as you navigate change, and there will be built-in time for you to connect with job-alike colleagues across the Commonwealth. Join us and start embracing!

  • Virtual Itinerary

    • 8:00-9:30AM: Opening Keynote with Gretchen Sortzi"The Power is YOU" - Let's learn how to reclaim and Unleash the Power of YOU!


    • 9:45-11:15AM: Session 1

    Choice of two professional development topics

    1A: Using Canva for Communication: Learn the various capabilities of this free web tool to provide information in the form of newsletters, flyers, social media posts and more


    1B: PSP – The Certification You Deserve: Learn about this certification opportunity of NAEOP

    • 11:30-12:30: Lunch 

    11:45PM Getting Involved with PAEOP

    12:00PM Presentation of Awards and Giveaways

    • 12:45-2:15PM: Session 2

    2A: Harnessing Hope: "When you create the right hopeful environment, you'll stop walking in muddy water and start walking above it!"


    2B: Onward – Clarify Your Role & Set Yourself Up for Success: Transforming a job description to create a pathway for continuing growth and development (Part 1)

    • 2:30-4:00PM: Session 3

    3A: Google Slides: Learn the features of Slides to provide and organize information and how to collaborate with others"


    3B: Upward: Develop Yourself & Impact Your Team and Organization: Creating and implementing a Team Member Profile to develop yourself and impact your team (Part 2)

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  • April 7, 2022

    Online in
    Zoom Video Conferencing

    Clock Hours:

    Possible 11.5 Clock Hours of participation credits

    PAEOP Member: $65

    NAEOP Member: $75

    Non-Member: $100 (includes one-year PAEOP Membership for 2022-2023)


    For credit card payments: April 6 at 11:59pm

    For personal or school district check payments: Register by March 31, checks received by April 1

    Registrations after March 7 not be eligible for a refund; session recordings accessible for 30 days after the conference.

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  • Anyone, Anywhere

    This year's fully virtual conference will take place online, using the Zoom videoconferencing platform. Zoom is free for attendees and can be downloaded from Zoom's website here.

    BREAKOUT SESSIONS: All registrants will select their sessions in advance. After payment, registrants will receive an email with their digital pass and access code for their Zoom sessions that day. After the conference, paid registrants will have access for 30 days to the recordings of all breakout sessions (including those they did not see live!).

    NETWORKING: Optional Zoom rooms will be accessible to virtual attendees where participants can connect, such as a lunch room with a presentation from your PAEOP officers, and a morning coffee room before the first session. All registrants will be provided links to access these optional sessions.

    YOUR EXPERIENCE: While a camera and microphone is helpful for interaction and participation, attendees do not need to use their microphone or camera to attend the PAEOP conference. The text chat in the Zoom room can be used for questions, comments, or sharing resources. 

    TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Beginning at 7:00am on the morning of the conference, our team will be available by phone and email to assist you with Zoom troubleshooting. To do this proactively and make sure Zoom works on your computer, visit Zoom's test room here anytime.

  • 2022 Sessions Include:

    The Power is YOU - Keynote by Gretchen Sortzi

    Stress, burnout, frustration, disappointment, exhaustion, fear. The new "every day" for countless people. These are all words that describe the climate of the world around us. Tasks that used to be simple and uplifting have become stressful and mundane. The dial on negative energy is turned all the way up and people are struggling to hear the good in one another. The noise outside is so loud, we are struggling to hear the good within ourselves, too. This opening keynote session is about quieting that noise and returning to our power. In this time, you'll be reminded of all the good that still remains and how you can find it. You'll be empowered to find the good in yourself and the world around you. This is a time of joy, laughter, and celebration. Let's learn how to reclaim and unleash the power that is YOU!

    Using Canva for Communication 

    In this session, participants will learn the various capabilities of the web tool Canva to provide information in the form of newsletters, flyers, social media posts, and brochures. This tool offers easy-to-use templates that present information in eye-catching and design friendly ways! Participants will learn the features of these templates, then will engage in designing their own mini-product for completion by the end of the session.

    PSP (Professional Standards Program) - The Certification You Deserve

    Join us to learn all about the PSP certification program! What does CEOE mean, and why it is your turn to be recognized for your commitment and dedication to the educational office profession? You have attended workshops, seminars and other learning opportunities – learn how your years of service and commitment to your profession can help you join hundreds of dedicated professionals across the nation in earning a Professional Standards Program certificate and CEOE (Certified Educational Office Employee) distinction. During the session, the PA Professional Standards Program Chairman will provide an overview of how easy it is to complete your application. Participants are encouraged to bring their questions and applications to the session.

    Harnessing Hope

    The world can feel like a hopeless place. Even the happiest people are finding new challenges as the world shifts and changes at a new pace, facing unfamiliar territories, new questions, and ideas. You are not alone. Let's take a journey to create hope, joy, success, and happiness around you; no matter what the climate is on the outside. When you create the right hopeful environment, you'll stop walking in muddy water and start walking above it!

    Onward:  Clarify Your Role & Set Yourself Up for Success

    Join us in the first of this two-part series as we explore and develop the purpose, process and components of refining, redeveloping and transforming a job description into a Team Member Profile to enable and empower us to effectively fulfill our current roles and create a pathway for continuous growth and development. We will actively participate in strategies on how to surface the characteristics, skills and experiences our role requires of us. Additionally, communication tactics and processes will be discussed to enable individuals to partner with their leader managers and/or direct reports to collaborate and implement the team member profile for cont.inued individual growth and group/team effectiveness.

    Google Slides

    In this session, participants will learn about the many capabilities of Google Slides, both to provide and organize information about a process, and to collaborate with others. Participants will learn the features of Slides for these uses, then will engage in completing a task to demonstrate understanding.

    Upward: Develop Yourself & Impact Your Team and Organization

    In the second half of this two-part series, we invite you to expand on the learning after identifying the structure, purpose and process of creating and implementing a Team Member Profile to develop yourself and impact your team. Join us as we formulate an initial development plan and identify characteristics we can develop, skills to acquire and experiences we can engage in and take personal responsibility for our effectiveness and engagement at the individual, team and organization level.