• Membership

    Educational Related Organizations

    Educational Office Classifications

    Colleges and Universities

    Administrative Assistant

    Vocational-Technical Schools


    Private Schools

    Clerical Aide

    Intermediate Units

    Clerk Typist

    State Department of Education

    Library Clerk

    Community Colleges


    Public Schools 


    OR an educational system or organization related to education

    OR one of the numerous classifications of educational office personnel

    Active Members


    Open to those engaged in clerical, secretarial, or educational office work at an educational system or organization concerned with education.

    Open to those who have reached retirement status according to the state or public school employees' retirement system. 



    >PAEOP Membership

    >PAEOP Membership

    >Joint PAEOP/PSBA Membership**

    >Joint PAEOP/PSBA Membership**

    Honorary and Life memberships may be bestowed by the PAEOP Executive Board as special recognition.