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    PAEOP Education Sessions 2019
    Thursday, May 2, 2019

    8:30 a.m. ONLY

    Professional Standards Program - Keystone B
    Presenter: Bonnie Miller, CEOE
    Join us and learn why you can and should apply for this national certification program. Learn what CEOE means and why it is your turn to be recognized for your commitment and dedication to the educational office profession. Learn how your professional development, years of service and commitment to the education office professional you can earn your Professional Standards Program certificate and CEOE (Certified Educational Office Employee) distinction. This is your opportunity to join hundreds of educational office professionals throughout the nation who have already obtained a Professional Standards Certification. During the session the PA Professional Standards Program Chairman will provide an overview of how easy it is to complete the application. Participants are encouraged to bring their questions and applications to the session.

    Excel for Beginners - Keystone E
    Presenter: Jared Mader
    Organize your life with Excel for Beginners! In this session, participants, who are unfamiliar with Excel or have only used it to store information, will learn the basics of organizing workbooks, formatting and managing data in sheets within workbooks, setting up useful views and filters of the sheets, and beginning with some basic formulas to help automate their work.

    Swimming with the Sharks - Keystone D
    Presenter: Byrnes Center
    This session on Communication skills instructs participants on dealing with difficult encounters with people and how to identify your personal styles. Focus is on the elements of assertive communication and the importance of nonverbal communication. In addition, participants will learn how to create a positive workplace and increase customer satisfaction by building better personal and professional relationships.

    8:30 a.m. and 10:15 a.m.

    Confident Speaking on the Fly - Ballroom South
    Presenter: Dr. Kristen Albert
    Imagine the possibilities and prepare yourself for this game-changing session! You know the feeling—that “deer in the headlights” feeling when, without prior warning, you are asked to speak on behalf of your stakeholders. Your inner dialogue goes to: “get me out of here!!” Yet you know you are capable of representing your team. You have the experience. You have the knowledge. What if you could collect your thoughts and muster your confidence in that moment and respond, “Certainly. I’ll be happy to do so. Thanks for asking.” More than suggestions, tips, and tricks, the participant will learn approaches to create a personal ontology (way of being) that will transform how you experience and respond to requests “in the moment.” You will (1) Learn ways to recognize what is happening inside you in that moment that is getting in your way of rising to your level of competence; (2) Be given tools and practices to help you clear your mind and calm your emotions; and (3) Learn ways to position yourself to respond with clarity and confidence.

    Conflict Resolution/Emotional Intelligence - Keystone C
    Presenter: Joshua Martin
    In this session, participants will explore the subject of Emotional Intelligence, including its basic principles, various applications, and methods for development in yourself and others. We will discuss the importance of Emotional Intelligence as it pertains to communicating effectively, resolving conflict, achieving results, and building healthy relationships in the workplace and beyond.

    10:15 a.m. and 1:15 p.m.

    A Smile Goes a Long Way – Effective Strategies for Communicating with Non-English Speaking Families - Keystone D
    Presenter: Dr. Jane Hershberger
    As a school office professional, you are likely to be the person parents initially come in contact with when they come to your schools/offices. You work hard to be welcoming, helpful and knowledgeable, and on most occasions – you can do that. But what do you do when the families come from another culture and don’t speak English? You’re in luck if you speak their language but with more than 200 different languages spoken in PA schools, the chances of your speaking all of the languages of your families are slim. This workshop will present information about PA’s English Learners along with some strategies for helping you work with non-English speaking families.

    10:15 a.m. ONLY

    Level Up Your Skills with Excel Intermediate - Keystone E
    Presenter: Jared Mader
    Level Up Your Skills with Excel for Intermediates. In this session, participants should already have a solid background in the items described in Excel for Beginners. This session will take a look at some additional and more advanced formulas, setting up pivot tables, and linking data between workbooks.

    PSERS – Foundations for Your Future - Keystone D
    Presenter: John Tucker
    The Public School Employees’ Retirement System’s (PSERS’) Foundations for Your Future (FFYF) presentations provide members with general information about PSERS benefits and services. A PSERS Retirement Representative will cover topics such as benefit options, withdrawal of contributions, rollovers, taxes, and legislative actions affecting PSERS. PSERS hopes that attendance at Field Services programs helps members want to plan for retirement sooner rather than later.

    1:15 p.m. ONLY

    Compassionate Leadership – Part 1 of 2 - Ballroom South
    Presenter: Jen Croneberger
    This is a Double-Session, spanning both afternoon time slots – Compassionate Leadership according to Forbes is “Leadership that transcends the traditional measures of organizational performance, to take care of the human condition at the heart level.” So, how do we create awareness and build our skillset to be able to practice it in everyday life? Jen returns to PAEOP at this conference with a double afternoon session. Jen’s focus is upon Leadership and Compassion, and will include Three Core Principles: Empathy, Cognitive, Motivation. Jen will explore each principle, explaining the difference between empathy, sympathy, and apathy. Jen will teach us the power of three forms of listening to learn – you become aware of your personal WHY as well as the why of your colleagues, peers, employees, and company as a whole. We will explore the research that has been done and results that come from the documented pathway to desires, engagement, improved culture and ultimately, TRUST. Jen concludes with nine compassionate leadership traits – what they are and when to use them. You explore takeaways and how one can practice each concept.

    Google Sheets – Transition from Excel - Keystone E
    Presenter: Jared Mader
    Take Your Excel Skills to the Cloud with Google Sheets. In this session, participants who have the background described in the day’s Excel sessions will learn how to take it to the cloud and benefit from the features found in Google Sheets that are not present in Microsoft Excel. This session will take a look at Add-ons, workbook/sheets/cell sharing settings, setting up notifications, and even some advanced formulas, only available in Google Sheets.

    Developing Change Readiness and Navigating Change Effectively - Keystone C
    Presenter: Katie Williamson
    We all know the only person who likes change is a baby with a wet diaper! Join us as we explore the challenges of change and how to successfully navigate change effectively with your Team. This session will be workshop format where participants will be engaged in exploring concepts regarding change and you can trust you will be energized and engaged as we explore the 7 traits of change readiness as identified by researchers and authors, Robert Kriegel and David Brandt. The challenges of change, resistance drivers and methods of resistance individuals employ when faced with change, and developing and implementing a change management strategy will also be cursorily examined. Various change management models and applications, and methods to enhance the ability to become more change ready will be briefly presented.

    1:15 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.

    Compassion Fatigue Strategies to Sustain Your Passion as an EOP - Keystone B
    Presenter: Brian McGinley
    Increased demands on the educational system has increased stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue on the part of dedicated, hardworking, and invested employees. These system demands and changes are met by employees who want to perform well in their roles but often don’t have the training, time, or skills to satisfy their expanding expectations. The result is often decreased employment and personal life satisfaction. This session will help you identify the signs and symptoms of stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue as well as create and develop some positive, healthy coping strategies. The goal of the session is to increase self-care both at the workplace and home, leading to increased satisfaction in both areas.

    3-4:30 p.m. ONLY

    Compassionate Leadership – Part 2 of 2 - Ballroom South
    Presenter: Jen Croneberger
    This is a Double-Session, spanning both afternoon time slots

    True Colors - Keystone D
    Presenter: Byrnes Center
    The focus of this session is understanding basic concepts relating to personality differences. Participants are engaged by coloring themselves according to the different personality types. Determining one's own personality traits and understanding the traits of others lays the foundation for learning how to incorporate team building and adult bullying prevention in the workplace.

    Cyber Wise – Contact, Conduct, Content - Keystone E
    Presenter: Byrnes Center
    Cyber Wise behavior is essential in this era of electronic communications. This session focus is on digital citizenship and the "three C's" of good Content, Conduct, and Contact. Participants will learn about the everlasting nature and potential principles of engaging positively, knowing one's online world, and choosing consciously in order to be a responsible digital citizen.