• 2021 Virtual Conference: March 25, Embrace Your Turning Point

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  • 2021 Virtual Spring Conference

    Our Annual Spring Conference occurred virtually on March 25, 2021, and was an extraordinary networking opportunity for Pennsylvania's educational office professionals. Accessible from anywhere and able to be watched again and again for lasting learning, this event helped our audience embrace the turning point of 2021.

  • 2021 Theme: Embrace Your Turning Point

    In the wake of a global pandemic, your education office has no doubt changed in innumerable ways – some things just for now, and some things forever. How will you respond, pivot, learn and leap in 2021? How can we embrace change, make the best of our resources, and stay positive? Your 2021 conference will be full of learning opportunities to expand your professional and technology skills, as well as your social and emotional capacity to thrive in these challenging times. More than anything, the PAEOP network is here for you as you navigate change, and there will be built-in time for you to connect with job-alike colleagues across the Commonwealth. Join us and start embracing!

  • Virtual Itinerary

    • 7:30AM–8:30AM: Coffee Roundtables (Optional)

    Connect with colleagues in job-alike roles across the state and nation

    • 8:30-10:00AM: Session 1

    Choice of two professional development topics

    • 10:15-11:45AM: Session 2

    Choice of two professional development topics

    • 12:00-12:30: Lunch 

    Presentation at 12:15pm: Scholarship Spotlight, Raffle Drawing

    • 12:30-2:00PM: Session 3

    Choice of two professional development topics

    • 2:15-3:45PM: Session 4

    Choice of two professional development topics

  • This event occurred on March 25, 2021, and registration is now closed. Thank you!

  • March 25, 2021

    Online in
    Zoom Video Conferencing

    Clock Hours:

    1.5 Clock Hours Offered for Each Session (total of 4 live sessions, or 6 hours)

    Up to 6 additional clock hours can be earned by watching session recordings

    PAEOP Member: $50

    NAEOP Member: $55

    Non-Member: $65
    (includes one-year PAEOP Membership)


    For credit card payments: Register by March 24, 2021 at 11:59am

    For personal or school district check payments: Register by March 15, 2021; check payment must be received by March 23, 2021.

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  • Anyone, Anywhere

    To keep our conference attendees safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's fully virtual conference will take place online, using the Zoom videoconferencing platform. Zoom is free for attendees and can be downloaded from Zoom's website here.

    BREAKOUT SESSIONS: All registrants will select their sessions in advance. After payment, registrants will receive an email with their digital pass and access code for their Zoom sessions that day. After the conference, paid registrants will have access for 30 days to the recordings of all breakout sessions (including those they did not see live!).

    NETWORKING SESSIONS: Optional Zoom rooms will be accessible to virtual attendees, such as a lunch room with a presentation from your PAEOP officers, and morning coffee roundtables held in Zoom breakout rooms before the first session. All registrants will be provided links to access these optional sessions.

    YOUR EXPERIENCE: While a camera and microphone is helpful for interaction and participation, attendees do not need to use their microphone or camera to attend the PAEOP conference. The text chat in the Zoom room can be used for questions, comments, or sharing resources. 

    TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Beginning at 7:30am on the morning of the conference, our team will be available by phone and email to assist you with Zoom troubleshooting. To do this proactively and make sure Zoom works on your computer, visit Zoom's test room here anytime.

  • Sessions include:

    Investing Strategies — Are You Retirement Ready?

    Retirement is something all people should begin planning for from the moment they start working. This workshop will review the financial sources available to school employees as they prepare for retirement, and how you could potentially maximize all sources to provide yourself with a happy and financially sound retirement. Subtopics will include Social Security, your school pension (PSERS), and the opportunity school employees are afforded in their various retirement savings plans.  

    Google Forms 

    This session will explore both the features of Google Forms and their applications in an educational setting. Typically, people think of forms to be sent out (surveys), but some of the sweetest forms are ones you create for your own use. We will look at the different question types and their application, as well as settings, that allow you to limit answers to what you need. Sections enable the creation of complex surveys that direct to different follow-up questions based on initial responses. Sounds complicated, but it is not! Data from Google Forms can be automatically directed into Google Sheets, and we will look at how to use them together.  Lastly, a form is only good if it is both practical and attractive. Tips for how to create beautiful forms will also be covered. 

    True Colors – Working Together

    The focal point of this program is understanding basic concepts related to personality differences. Participants are engaged by “coloring” themselves according to the different personality types. Determining one’s own personality traits and understanding the traits of others lays the foundation for learning how to incorporate team-building and adult bullying prevention in the workplace.

    Being & Becoming: The Path to Effectiveness

    "The road to success is always under construction." -Lilly Tomlin (American actress, comedian, writer, singer and producer). Join us as we explore and develop the purpose, process and components of creating a professional development plan to enable and empower us to effectively fulfill current and future roles. We will actively identify characteristics we can develop, skills to acquire and experiences we can engage in to formulate a Professional Development Plan and take personal responsibility for our effectiveness and engagement. 

    Tables: Filtering, Sorting and More

    MS Excel is an amazing spreadsheet application. In this session we will explore the capabilities of Excel tables. You will learn how to create tables and use many of the features to customize them. Tables can be easily sorted and filtered to produce customized results with applications in an educational setting. Tables have built-in calculation functions that don't require that you know function syntax! A neat feature of Excel tables are slicers, which are an easy way to filter data to make your table more interactive. This is great for presenting data at meetings or creating reports. Although powerful, table features are accessible to users with only a rudimentary knowledge of Excel, making this session great for users at all levels.

    PSP (Professional Standards Program) – What's in it for Me?

    Join us to learn all about the PSP certification program! What does CEOE mean, and why it is your turn to be recognized for your commitment and dedication to the educational office profession? You have attended workshops, seminars and other learning opportunities – learn how your years of service and commitment to your profession can help you join hundreds of dedicated professionals across the nation in earning a Professional Standards Program certificate and CEOE (Certified Educational Office Employee) distinction. During the session, the PA Professional Standards Program Chairman will provide an overview of how easy it is to complete your application. Participants are encouraged to bring their questions and applications to the session.

    Relaxation Techniques for Reducing Stress

    Participants will learn practical and proven techniques to calm the mind and body. Explore and experience these techniques during the program, and learn how to create a relaxing atmosphere at home and at work.

    Creating a Healthy Work Environment begins with YOU!

    Become the ultimate team player and manage adversity in order to create a positive work environment. "Good Wolf Behaviors" will be Bob's focus, and coupled with Emotional Intelligence strategies, you will contribute to a positive climate and team morale. With humor and focus, you will not want to miss Dr. Bob!