• PAEOP 2023 Annual Spring Conference

    Session Descriptions




    Keynote: Flushing the Fear

    Beth Allen,  Founder of HIP Chicks - A DIY Resource for Women 

    Let It Go. That is the message in this poignant, funny, and motivating talk about finding the tools to Flush the Fear from our lives. The message is real, relatable, and raw. Beth Allen shares her experience in moving beyond family dysfunction, self-doubt, and a tough relationship with a narcissistic parent. Beth brings active participation to the stage to help us let go of fear, anxiety, and negative crap so we can live our lives with more grace, courage and confidence.


    Paint Activity

    Joy Harband, Paint Parties by Joy

    Not everyone is an artist - but everyone can be for a night. Enter Paint Parties by Joy. A spin on traditional art class, Joy will guide you through your acrylic masterpiece as you chat with friends and de-stress. You will leave this session with an 8X10 spring flower masterpiece for your office or home! All materials will be provided. The activity event is always a great way to be creative and connect with your peers!


    PSP (Professional Standards Program) - The Certification You Deserve

    Bonnie J. Miller, CEOE, PA PSP Chairman, NAEOP President and Executive Assistant to the CEO, Pace School  

    Why should you apply for the certification program?  Want to know what does CEOE and CESE stand for?  Want to be recognized for your commitment and dedication? Perhaps you participated in the session in the past, and just have not taken the next step to complete the application process!  This session is for you! Perhaps you participated in the session in the past, and just have not taken the next step to complete the application process!  This session is for you! As an educational office or support professional, come join us and learn how you can obtain your Professional Standards Program certificate and CEOE or CESE distinction. During the session the 2022-2023 NAEOP President/PA Professional Standards Program Chairman You will be provided with an overview of the program and application process.  Participants are encouraged to bring questions and their applications to the session.  


    PSERS: Foundations for Your Future

    John Tucker, PSERS Harrisburg Office

    The Public School Employees’ Retirement System’s (PSERS’) Foundations for Your Future (FFYF) presentations provide members with general information about PSERS benefits and services. A PSERS Retirement Representative will cover topics such as benefit options, withdrawal of contributions, rollovers, taxes, and legislative actions affecting PSERS. PSERS hopes that attendance at Field Services programs helps members want to plan for retirement sooner rather than later.


    School Safety Prevention - Observations & Run, Hide, Fight Techniques

    Trooper Angela Grube, PA State Police H Barricks, Harrisburg PA

    The Active Shooter Presentation is based on the Run, Hide, Fight method. This method is adopted by most law enforcement across the country. In this presentation, we will look at statistics about active shooters and test our observation skills. We will go over what to look for to potentially prevent an active shooter situation. Should you ever find yourself in an active shooter situation, we will present the run, hide, fight method which can be utilized. We will break down each step of the method and give tips on how to handle suspicious activity.


    How to Step Forward Confidently and Unapologetically 

    Dr. Kristen Albert

    Do you find it difficult to offer unsolicited insight or suggestions? How often do you find yourself apologizing or saying “excuse me” before bringing ideas to the attention of the educational team? What does Leadership actually mean when working in a support role as an Educational Office Professional? Leadership is one of the five key pillars of NAEOP, and as a critical member of the educational team (according to PAEOP) what does it mean to “lead” in your role? How do you determine when it is appropriate to step forward and lead? In this session we will explore important distinctions around the concept of leadership, so participants can better identify appropriate opportunities to contribute to the educational team, and unapologetically step forward and share expertise and insights with courage and confidence.


    Navigating Difficult Personalities in the Workplace

    Dr. Bob Orndorff, Senior Director of Career Services, and Associate Professor in Counselor Education, Penn State University

    An organization’s productivity and morale can literally be won and lost based on the interpersonal effectiveness and character of your members. In this entertaining and dynamic seminar, Dr. Orndorff, the lead author of The PITA Principle: How to Work with and Avoid Becoming a Pain In The A**, highlights seven types of difficult personalities or “PITAs” found most prevalently in the workplace and offers strategies for navigating the PITA’s in your life while becoming more aware of your own PITA tendencies. Finally, Bob will incorporate Emotional Intelligence techniques and strategies that serve as a tool for navigating difficult personalities and managing interpersonal adversity within your work team. Ouytcomes of this session include: (1.) Learn about 7 of the most difficult personalities or “PITAs” found most prominently in your work setting. (2.) Identify general strategies and Emotional Intelligence techniques that will help you cope more effectively with the PITA’s you deal with in the workplace. (3.) Begin to reflect on your own PITA tendencies.


    Managing Workplace Stress: Juggling Responsibilities with a Smile

    Brian McGinley, LSW, CCIU Tac staff

    The educational workplace has undergone significant changes during the last few years, and this can be accompanied by uncertainty, new role descriptions, new ways of doing things and various levels of stress. This interactive session will identify, demonstrate, and discuss various levels of workplace and life stressors. Attendees will learn about four levels of stress and how these may be present in the workplace.   Healthy stress management will be a primary focus, and attendees will have an opportunity to identify workplace stressors and meaningful ways to address them.


    Building a Community of Belonging - Practical Communication Strategies for Students 

    Stephanie Ide, BCBA, CCIU Tac staff

    We all play a role in building a community where everyone feels they belong, particularly students experiencing behavioral, communication, or mental health challenges. With increasing levels of mental health needs across all populations on the rise, prioritizing intentional positive daily interactions with students is essential, as these opportunities often have a significant impact. During this presentation, participants will explore the foundation of effective communication through the lens of building connections. Strategies that cultivate positive daily interaction will be a focus, as well as the lasting ripple effect those interactions can have throughout a school community. 


    Finding the Light

    Gretchen Sortzi, Founder and COE - The Hope Dealer Network

    Finding the Light is a session filled with information and tools on how to positively impact your life right here, right now. Students can expect to experience an uplifted, improved attitude, increased focus, enhanced emotional intelligence, better problem-solving skills, intensified motivation, productivity, and adaptability, broadened self-control, awareness, and self-esteem. A general increase in happiness, peace and joy is waiting for you. 


    The Power of Human Connections 

    Shellie Grooms, Senior Program Associate - The Fred Rogers Institute

    It is sometimes difficult to imagine how a single, small, and ordinary moment fits within the complex challenges and rising demands for education systems, yet such moments are the most essential building blocks of a healthy community. Finding meaningful ways to understand, appreciate, and promote such moments can be encouraging, enriching, and empowering at every level and role within these systems. At the foundation of every person’s healthy development is the power of human connection – and we will explore the power we have all to build connections and contribute to the positive development of those around us.


    Google Features You May Not Know…

    Jared Mader, Director of Educational Technology, Lincoln IU 12

    From G-Suite to Chrome to Google Drive, this session will explore some of the hidden gems within the three web-based technologies that can help to improve communication, efficiency, and productivity.  At the end of this session, you will have grown your Google toolkit with nearly 25 tips, tricks, and features to improve your work!


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