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    What does PEP mean to PAEOP members?
    P = Pride
    E = Enthusiasm
    P = Participation
    Our hope is that our newsletter will encourage your enthusiasm for PAEOP, instill a sense of pride for what PAEOP provides, and inspire a desire to participate further in PAEOP.
    PEPTalk is available on the website for members to access by signing into the site.  Members will receive an email indicating when the current issue is available.  (Any member experiencing difficulty signing in to the website should contact Danielle Patterson at Dpatterson@iu28.0rg)   The electronic version (pdf) permits clickable links to sites of interest for further information, and active email addresses to communicate with PAEOP leadership.  Additionally, utilizing the website for the PEPTalk newsletter now provides an archival area of past issues. 
    Members, please feel free to submit ideas for content to Carol at tuckerc@cvcolonials.org.  The website calendar indicates submission due dates.
    Note: only current members (2022-2023) who are registered users of the PAEOP website have access to the PEPTalk newsletter. Join now to become a PAEOP member and gain access to the newsletter.
Last Modified on June 6, 2023