• Professional Standards Program

    The Professional Standards Program (PSP) is a voluntary program established by the National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP) to encourage educational office professionals to grow professionally. You must be a current member of NAEOP to participate.

    The program is designed as a series of 14 levels.  Assistance in determining certificate eligibility level may be provided by contacting the PAEOP PSP Chairman, Bonnie J. Miller, CEOE at bmiller@paceschool.org.  Members may also be eligible to obtain the Certified Educational Office Employee (CEOE) distinction.

    Certification is based on education, work experience, professional development activity and educational association participation. There are three convenient filing deadlines available:  January 15, May 15 and September 15.

    Ready to apply for your certification? You are only a few clicks away to start your Professional Standards Program journey by obtaining the application on the NAEOP website at www.naeop.org

    A few helpful hints:

    1. Review the PSP Booklet
    2. Obtain PSP Application Checklist, PSP Application and Instructions & Questions
    3. Complete Forms I - Forms IIIb (draft forms and supplemental information are recommended to be reviewed by PAEOP PSP Chairman)
    4. Request official copy of high school or college transcripts
    5. Obtain copies of professional development / in-service training certificates with complete details including: date, training provider name, your name, title of training and hours attended training.
    6. Verification of educational office participation is required.  Obtain copies of membership cards from local, state and national organizations.

    Want to learn more about the program?  Need assistance or have questions?  Attend the PSP session at the PAEOP Spring Conference or contact PAEOP PSP Chairman, Bonnie J. Miller, CEOE.

    Recognition of PSP certification is acknowledged during PAEOP Spring Conference and at the NAEOP Annual Conference.

    You deserve to be acknowledged for all of your accomplishments as an educational office professional, so don't delay, get started today to becoming a Certified Educational Office Employee.

    Bonnie J. Miller, CEOE
    PAEOP PSP Chair
    Office 412-342-4386
    Cell 412-877-9036

Last Modified on April 30, 2019