Friday Finale
    The success of the round table forum last year prompted the Conference Planning Committee to once again use the open discussion format for the Friday finale.  Attendees were divided into groups with each group given a topic to discuss related to the current work environment.  The discussions provide an informative comparison into how school entities around the state conduct business.  Conversation is lively during this time as participants are eager to share and interested to hear how their counterparts handle similar work duties.
    Following the round table session, the audience was treated to the closing presentation given by Bob Orndorff.  Bob is a regular participant at the conference conducting classes and often providing the keynote or finale address.
    Bob once again amused and entertained the crowd with his mix of humor and practical applications!  He is relaxed and in his element in front of a crowd, and his down-to-earth personality and practical examples are inspirational.  He captures the audience with his first word and his light hearted style keeps the attention of the listeners.  Bob is a great supporter of office professionals.   


    Robert “Bob” Orndorff, Ed.D., is currently the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs at Penn State University. Orndorff also teaches a master's level course on Career Counseling and leads Career Enrichment seminars for Penn State employees.
Last Modified on November 2, 2016