• The Gertrude E. Kopf Award of Recognition

    2023 Application.

    Who is Eligible

    • The candidate must be employed in an educational institution.
    • The candidate must be a PAEOP member in good standing for at least one full year and with membership dues paid for the current year.
    • A candidate may only receive the Gertrude E. Kopf Award once during their educational office career.  Please refer to the former recipients list.

    Nomination Requirements:

    1. Membership Verification obtained from PAEOP Membership Director, Danielle Patterson. Contact Danielle at DPatterson@iu28.org
    2. Completed nomination form (found on PAEOP website)
    3. Three (3) letters of recommendation:
      1. One letter must include one other person familiar with candidate’s job performance.
    4. Copy of candidate’s official job description
    5. Administrative approval for the nominee to attend the annual PAEOP conference (signature required on nomination form)
      *If the sponsor and supervisor are the same person, then a letter from another school administrator, who is familiar with the candidate’s job performance, must be secured so a total of three (3) letters of recommendation are received. Non-PAEOP members, as well as PAEOP members, are invited to sponsor a candidate of their choice.

    Procedure and Basis for Final Selection:

    1. Nomination form, three (3) letters of recommendation,*  job description, and PAEOP membership verification must be received on or before March 1st each year. 
    2. The Chair reviews the nomination applications and accompanying documents to determine the eligibility of candidate(s).  If a candidate’s eligibility is questionable, the determination is made by the President.  The Chair removes all identifying information from applications and accompanying documents prior to submitting them to the awards committee members for selection of the award winner.  The Chair gives no further input to the Committee. 
    3. Three or more members of the awards committee, excluding the Chair, determine the award winner by reviewing the anonymous application packets of all qualified candidates with the decision of the committee being final. Award reviewers will utilize the "Reviewer Rating Sheet."
    4. Committee members report their individual selection to the Chair in writing. 
    5. The Chair presents the winning candidate to the President of PAEOP for her concurrence.

     *All letters of recommendation must include specific contributions made by the candidate to education and to the district or institution (cite examples) and may include contributions to professional educational associations, if any.  Primary consideration is given to contributions in education. Individual submitting letters of recommendations may want to consider the Gertude E. Kopf Award Reviewer Rating Sheet (above) when preparing letters of recommendation.

    For additional information and/or submission of the nomination packet email contact:
    Dawn Crossan, CEOE
    Pequea Valley School District
    166 South New Holland Road / PO Box 130
    Kinzers, PA 17535
    Email: dawn_crossan@pequeavalley.org


Last Modified on February 27, 2023