a Student Scholarship -The Hermine Solt Student Scholarship
        a Member Award of Recognition -The Gertrude E. Kopf Award
        a Member Scholarship -The Louise Henderson Nelson Scholarship
    The Hermine Solt Student Scholarship
    The student scholarship fund was established in 1992 for the purpose of aiding students in Pennsylvania to pursue higher education in a business-related field.  The scholarship was named the Hermine Solt Student Scholarship in April 2006 to honor Hermine Solt.  Mrs. Solt, who passed away in 2008,  was a dedicated office professional who faithfully served PAEOP and whose sincere desire was to enable students to further their education.
    Gertrude E. Kopf Award of Recognition
    The award of recognition began in 1981 with the first award given in 1983. This award is presented annually to honor a PAEOP member who has contributed outstanding service to education through the performance of their duties/responsibilities in an educational office. In 1995 the award was named the Gertrude E. Kopf Award of Recognition in honor of Gertrude Kopf, former PAEOP president.
    Qualified Gertrude E. Kopf Award of Recognition recipients will be nominated for the comparable NAEOP* (Olive T. Ritchie Award) the following or a subsequent year.
    The successful candidate must be present at the annual PAEOP conference to receive this award.

    Louise Henderson Nelson Member Scholarship
    The PAEOP Member Scholarship fund was established in 1976 by Louise Henderson Nelson, a Pennsylvanian who founded the National Association of Educational Office Professionals. The purpose is to aid members of the Pennsylvania Association of Educational Office Professionals who currently are enrolled in and working toward a certificate for the Professional Standards Program of the National Association of Educational Office Professionals.
Last Modified on February 8, 2017